The Blues

Deeply Cool & Soothing - Indigo, Teal & Turquoise - with a touch of grey
The Blues
247 results
Cosmetic Case | Frangipani Stormy (large) - SALE
Cosmetic Case | Rings Stormy (medium) - SALE
Cosmetic Case | Batik Indigo (large)
Cosmetic Case | Leaf Indigo (medium)
Cosmetic Case | Spring Flowers Indigo (small)
Cosmetic Case | Frangipani Purple Haze (large)
Cosmetic Case | Mandala Teal Indigo (large)
Cosmetic Case | Classical Teal Indigo (medium)
Cosmetic Case | Prada Teal Indigo (small)
Cosmetic Case | Hand Loomed Teal (medium) - SALE
Drawstring Bag | Spring Flowers Aqua (small) - SALE
Drawstring Bag | French Blue Frangipani (large)
Drawstring Bag | Prada Indigo (small)
Drawstring Bag | Spring Flowers Indigo (small)
Drawstring Bag | Frangipani Purple Haze (medium) - SALE
Drawstring Bag | Coffee Bean Teal (small)
Drawstring Bag | Ginkgo  Teal (large)
Drawstring Bag | Rose Teal (small)
Drawstring Bag | Prada Turquoise (2 sizes)
Cosmetic Case | Modern Beaded Turquoise
Wine Bag | Prada Turquoise
Wine Bag | Prada Indigo
Wine Bag | Frangipani French Blue - SALE
Patchwork Bag | Assorted Colors (2 sizes)
Crocheted Bag |Rectangle (small)
Little Notebook | Coffee Bean Denim Blue
Little Notebook | Coffee Bean Teal
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag | Indigo Grey
Crocheted Barbara Bag | Indigo Grey
Long sleeve shirt, Little Jewel Grey, 2 sizes - SALE
Patchwork Tunic Dress | Assorted (2 sizes) - SALE
Bias cut top | Teal (2 sizes) - SALE
Long sleeve shirt, Teal Rose, 2 sizes - SALE
Romantic Dress | Teal Rose (small) - SALE
Swing Tank Dress | Spring Flowers Teal (3 sizes)
Easy Blouse | Frangipani French Blue (3 sizes)
247 results
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