Vetiiver Placemats & Runners

These placemats & runners are designed by Balizen and hand loomed, with cotton and vetiver root, in a Fair trade workshop in Bali.  Super popular as gifts, and they are machine washable too.

Please enjoy our all new collection, now with new textured weaving style.

Vetiiver Placemats & Runners
16 results
Vetiver Runner | Indigo Stripes
Vetiver Placemat | Indigo Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Indigo and Natural
Vetiver Placemat | Indigo Natural Stripe (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Indian Summer
Vetiver Placemat | Indian Summer Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Turmeric
Vetiver Placemat | Turmeric (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Beige Stripe
Vetiver Placemat | Beige Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Brick Stripe
Vetiver Placemat | Brick Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Placemat | Deep Forest (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Deep Forest
Vetiver Runner | Blue Ocean
Vetiver Placemat | Blue Ocean (set of 6)
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