Jewelry, Purses & Accessories

Balizen’s Fair Trade accessory collection includes hand-woven purses made in the mountains of East Bali; upcycled crochet purses and sterling silver jewerly. Balizen’s crochet bags are inspired by runway fashion shows and designed by founder, Andrea, while our minimalist, classic and modern jewelry collection is handmade in a traditional Balinese family workshop located in the silversmith village of Celuk.

Jewelry, Purses & Accessories
44 results
Upcycled Crossbody Bag | Overdyed Cotton
Upcycled Fanny Pack | Overdyed cotton & denim
Upcycled Crossbody Bag | Natural Calico & Linen
Upcycled Fanny Pack | Natural Calico & Linen
Crossbody Bag | Natural Linen
Premium Cotton-Linen Shopper | Blue Spice
Everyday Linen Tote | Blue Spice
Blue Spice print & Linen Laptop case | in 2 sizes
Linen Envelope Bag | Blue Spice
Everyday Linen Tote | Mocha
Premium Cotton-Linen Shopper | Mocha
Mocha print & Linen Laptop case | in 2 sizes
Linen Envelope Bag | Mocha
Retro Flowers Envelope Bag | Black
Retro Flowers Envelope Bag | Spice
Retro Flowers Envelope Bag | Dark Emerald
Crocheted Clutch Bag | Light Mix
Crocheted Clutch Bag | Warm
Crocheted Mesh Bag | Striped Warm Tones
Crochet Mini Square Bag | Light
Crocheted Mesh Bag | Cool Tones Striped
Crochet Square Bag | Light
Crochet Square Bag | Dark
Crochet Mini Square Bag | Dark
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag | Indigo Grey
Crocheted Barbara Handbag | Indigo Grey
Hand Woven Atta Bag | Moon (2 sizes)
Hand Woven Atta Bag | Envelope
Hand Woven Atta Bag | Oval large
EcoDeluxe Sarongs | Space (2 colors)
Sarong | Retro Flowers (2 colors)
Linen Belt | Natural
Rayon Scrunchies | Assorted (set of 4)
EcoDeluxe Scarves | Space (2 colors)
Palm Visor | Dark or Light
Sterling Silver HRH Collection | I-Beam Ring (3 sizes)
44 results
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