Add whimsy and warmth to your kitchen with Balizen's eco friendly, sustainable kitchen line. Each product is hand made with care in our fair trade Balizen factory. Shop our popular soft canvas aprons, and match with modern print oven mitts, tea towels and pot holders.
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Suar Wood Spatula - set/2 | short & long
Spoon-Rest | Suar Wood
Measuring Spoons | Suar Wood
Suar Wood Scoops | Small & Large
Tea Towels | Black & White (set of 3)
Tea Towels | Avocado, Turquoise, Indigo (set of 3)
Tea Towels | Citrus (set of 3)
Tea Towels | Space (set of 3)
Apron | Prada Red Maroon
Apron | Toraja Spice Red
Apron | Space Turmeric Spice
Apron | Coffee Bean Turmeric
Apron | Passion Flower Black Turmeric
Apron | Prada Green
Apron | Prada Indigo Teal
Sustainable kitchen ware - our batik navy apron, hand made in Bali and printed with eco-friendly, seaweed based inks.
Apron | Retro Flowers Black
Oven Mitt | Black Retro Flowers
Oven Mitt | Prada Indigo Teal
Oven Mitt | Batik Indigo
Oven Mitt | Passion Flower Black Turmeric
Oven Mitt | Prada Green
Oven Mitt | Coffee Bean Turmeric
Oven Mitt | Space Turmeric Spice
Oven Mitt | Toraja Spice Red
Oven Mitt | Prada Red Maroon
Sweetheart Pot Holder | Red Maroon
Sweetheart Pot Holder | Turmeric
Sweetheart Pot Holder | Spring
Sweetheart Pot Holder | Teal Indigo
Sweetheart Pot Holder | Black & White
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