Resort & Loungewear

Balizen's ethical resort & loungewear collection offers fair trade, slow fashion at its finest. These eco friendly, flattering pieces provide comfort, grace, and style all in one. Beautiful nature-inspired patterns and solid toned basics are perfect for expressing your fashion sense, making it easy to build a versatile and minimal capsule collection, perfect for warm weather or that tropical holiday you've been dreaming of.

Resort & Loungewear
110 results
Upcycled Hooded Midi Tunic | Cool Tones (2 sizes)
Upcycled Hooded Midi Tunic | Warm Tones (2 sizes)
Upcycled Hooded Midi Tunic | Natural Tones (2 sizes)
1940's Frock Dress | Orchid Yellow (3 sizes)
1940's Frock Dress | Orchid Emerald (3 sizes)
1940's Frock Dress | Orchid Midnight (3 sizes)
1940's Frock Dress | Palm Coral Faun (3 sizes)
Bell Dress | Fuchsia (3 sizes)
Bell Dress | Grey (3 sizes)
Wrap Dress | Ginkgo Grey (3 sizes)
Wrap Dress | Passion Flower Retro Blush (3 sizes)
Wrap Dress | Rings Retro Indigo (3 sizes)
Swing Tank Dress | Black (3 sizes)
Swing Tank Dress | Retro Flower Emerald (3 sizes)
Swing Tank Dress | Spring Flowers Teal (3 sizes)
Ruffle Dress | Frangipani Cool (2 sizes)
Ruffle Dress | Frangipani Warm (2 sizes)
Romantic Dress | Blush Frangipani (3 Sizes)
Romantic Dress | Yellow Rose (3 Sizes)
Romantic Dress | Ginkgo Grey (3 Sizes)
Kaftan Dress | Retro Flower Rust (one size)
Kaftan Dress | Palm Coral Faun (one size)
Kaftan Dress | Toraja Grey (one size)
Kaftan Dress | Rings Caramel (one size)
Kaftan Dress | Rings Retro Indigo (one size)
Kaftan Dress | Retro Flower Emerald (one size)
Classic Shift Dress | Hemp & Organic Cotton - EcoDeluxe
Classic Shift Dress | Tencel - EcoDeluxe
Classic Shift Dress | Toraja Grey (3 sizes)
Classic Shift Dress | Orchid Coral Navy (3 sizes)
Classic Shift Dress | Black Tencel - EcoDeluxe
Blouse Dress | Frangipani Mocha Blue (3 sizes)
Shirt Dress | Retro Flower Emerald (3 sizes)
Wrap Jumpsuit | Frangipani Stormy (3 sizes)
Upcycled Duster | (2 sizes)- EcoDeluxe
Basic Modal Skirt | Black - EcoDeluxe
110 results
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