Table Linens

Create your dream table setting with Balizen’s table linens and placements. Shop this collection of eco-friendly, nature inspired prints and authentic Balinese handloomed cotton. Choose from sustainably made napkins, tissue box covers, placements, coasters, table runners and tablecloths. This eco-friendly table collection is made in Balizen’s Fair Trade factory and the materials are absorbent, durable and become softer with age. Also in this collection are our waterlily placemats, runners and coasters, hand woven by skilled women in a small Javanese village and trimmed with our signature cottons. 

Table Linens
86 results
Napkins | Seaflowers Retro Maroon (set of 8)
Tablecloth | Space Spice Red (2 sizes)
Cotton Placemat | Toraja Spice Red (set of 4)
Cotton Coasters | Toraja Spice Red (set of 8)
Napkins | Toraja Spice Red (set of 8)
Table Runner | Cotton Toraja (medium - 150cm)
Table Runner | Cotton Blue Spice (medium - 150cm)
Waterlily Placemat | Passion Flower Spice Blue  (set of 4)
Waterlily Runner | Passion Flower Blue Spice (medium)
Waterlily Coasters | Passion Flower Blue Spice  (set of 8)
Napkins | Passion Flower Blue Spice (set of 8)
Tissue Box Cover | Passion Flower Blue Spice
Napkins | Spice Retro Flower (set of 8)
Napkins | Poppy Pods Turmeric Spice  (set of 8)
Table Runner | Cotton Citrus (medium)
Cotton Placemat | Rings Turmeric (set of 4)
Tissue Box Cover | Coffee Bean Turmeric
Napkins | Coffee Bean Tumeric (set of 8)
Waterlily Placemat | Coffee Bean Turmeric  (set of 4)
Waterlily Runner | Coffee Bean Turmeric (medium)
Waterlily Coasters | Tumbleweed Turmeric  (set of 8)
Napkins | Orchid Chai Latte (set of 8)
Tissue Box Cover | Chai Latte
Table Runner | Cotton Chai Latte (medium - 150cm)
Tablecloth | Retro Flowers Yellow (2 sizes)
Napkins | Yellow Retro Flower (set of 8)
Table Runner | Cotton Yellow (medium - 150cm)
Napkins | Prada Green  (set of 8)
Table Runner | Cotton Desert Hues (long)
Napkins | Retro Flowers Caramel (set of 8)
Cotton Placemat | Retro Flowers Caramel (set of 4)
Napkins | Palm Turmeric Faun (set of 8)
Napkins | Tumbleweed Faun  (set of 8)
Waterlily Placemat | Cream (set of 4)
Waterlily Runner | Cream
Waterlily Coasters | Tumbleweed Avocado (set of 8)
86 results
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