Table Linens

Create your dream table setting with Balizen’s table linens and placements. Shop this collection of eco-friendly, nature inspired prints and authentic Balinese handloomed cotton. Choose from sustainably made napkins, tissue box covers, placements, coasters, table runners and tablecloths. This eco-friendly table collection is made in Balizen’s Fair Trade factory and are absorbent, durable and become softer with age.

Table Linens
58 results
Cotton Coasters | Toraja Spice Red (set of 8)
Napkins | Toraja Spice Red (set of 8)
Napkins | Toraja Taupe (set of 8)
Napkins | Palm Coral Faun (set of 8)
Napkins | Spice Retro Flower (set of 8)
Cotton Coasters | Retro Flowers Spice (set of 8)
Table Runner | Cotton Citrus (medium)
Cotton Placemat | Rings Turmeric (set of 4)
Tissue Box Cover | Coffee Bean Turmeric
Napkins | Coffee Bean Tumeric (set of 8)
Tablecloth | Retro Flowers Yellow (2 sizes)
Napkins | Yellow Retro Flower (set of 8)
Table Runner | Cotton Desert Hues (long)
Napkins | Retro Flowers Caramel (set of 8)
Cotton Placemat | Retro Flowers Caramel (set of 4)
Napkins | Retro Flowers Lychen (set of 8)
Napkins | Rectangles Sage (set of 8)
Cotton Coasters | Rectangles Sage (set of 8)
Napkins | Balinese Cotton Olive (set of 8)
Napkins | Tumbleweed Avocado (set of 8)
Napkins | Orchid Black Coral (set of 8)
Napkins | Orchid Coral Navy (set of 8)
58 results
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