Scrappy Kids

Balizen's Scrappy Kids is fun & sustainable fashion for the little ones. Our eco friendly baby and child line is made with 100% cotton or rayon and hand-silkscreened with sustainable seaweed-based inks. Some items are upcycled from the Balizen fair trade factory fabric scrap, which helps with our zero-waste goal. Patchwork decorative animals are filled with 100% recycled material and will add warmth and sweetness to any room.

Scrappy Kids
45 results
Scrappy Baby Whale | Teal or Turmeric
Scrappy Patchwork Elephant Small | Cool
Scrappy Patchwork Elephant Small | Warm
Scrappy Patchwork Elephant | Indigo (small)
Scrappy Patchwork Baby Owl | Cool
Scrappy Patchwork Owl | Turquoise Pistachio
Scrappy Patchwork Baby Owl | Bright
Scrappy Patchwork Baby Owl | Fall
Scrappy Rag Doll | Bella
45 results
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