Cosmetic, Gift & Tote Bags

Balizen’s collection of eco-friendly gifts, totes and cosmetic bags feature signature prints and hand-woven cotton. Balizen has even create unique, one of a kind, wine bags for you to take to your next dinner party.  Don’t forget to also shop our sustainably made, reusable grocery bags, made from the bolt-ends of our fabric.

gift, cosmetic, tote bags & purses
45 results
Drawstring Bag | Prada Red Medium (set of 2)
Drawstring Bag | Frangipani Beet Small (set of 2)
Wine Bag | Coffee Bean Red Maroon
Wine Bag | Passion Flower Blue Spice
Wine Bag | Orchid Chai Latte
Wine Bag | Rings Turmeric
Wine Bag | Retro Flowers Green & Blue
Wine Bag | Prada Indigo
Wine Bag | Retro Flowers Black
45 results
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