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Balizen works with like-minded groups and people to support and facilitate community based organic farming and reforestation projects across Bali. We work directly with farmers to add value to their yields by developing organic systems, new market networks, and additional products such as essential oils. Our commitment is to building a greener and more sustainable future for Bali’s ecosystem, food security, and culture.

Planting an ylang ylang seedling on one of our partner farms in Nusa Penida.

Pak Nyoman conducts a survey at a Nusa Penida seaweed farm.

Nyoman and Andrea on one of our patchoul farms in Bali.

Gede Sudarma strings vetiver tassels at our in-house workshop in Kerobokan.

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Zen 1 Essential Oil Scented Candle

Available Indonesia retail or international wholesale only.

Zen 1 Essential Oil Aroma Mist - room & linen spray

Available Indonesia retail or international wholesale only.

Vetiver Sachet Pillow

Vetiver Tassel | Beaded Cream