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Our signature Balizen fabrics are hand silk-screened or dyed with eco-friendly, low impact, seaweed based dyes. 10 years ago, three co-workers at a large screen printing business decided to get together and start their own boutique workshop. We were one of their first customers and have been happily working with them ever since.

Pouring just the right amount of seaweed-based screen printing ink onto the silk screen.

Using the squeegee to press the ink through the screen.

Pulling the long stretch of fabric off of the table to hang onto the metal bars above.

Extracting water out of the washed fabric.

Fabric coming off of the extractor, ready to hang dry.

Shop screen printed fabrics

Cushion Cover | Two Tone Indigo Navy

Table Runner | Cotton Spice Red Long

Hanging Lampshade | Bamboo Blue

Rings Lichen Kaftan Dress