Lounging Pants | Tencel (3 sizes)


Our popular and versatile lounge pants now have an iteration that is part of our EcoDeluxe line. They are made of TENCEL’s lyocell, a cellulose-based fiber known for its environmentally responsible, closed-loop production, and its silk-like softness, slight sheerness, and lovely drape. The biodegradable fabric is made with a solvent-spinning process that recycles 99% of water and solvent, making it more eco-friendly than cotton.

These pants are great for lounging, for yoga, or just everyday. They have a smooth front with an elastic back waist and side pockets. And…they are not just for women. They are fair trade made in our Bali workshops in this soft, breathable lyocell, and printed with eco-friendly seaweed-based inks in one of our signature prints.

Machine wash cool, tumble dry cool or line dry

Dimensions:  Available in 3 sizes
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