Zen Resort Clothing and Loungewear

Fair Trade Slow Fashion at its finest.  A line of comfortable, flattering pieces with ease, grace, freedom, quality & style, values that we at Balizen hold dear, in fashion and in life.

Zen Resort Clothing and Loungewear
98 results
Kimono Robe | Indigo
Kimono Robe | Indigo
From $76.00
Kimono Robe | Stormy
Kimono Robe | Stormy
From $76.00
Kimono Robe | Frangipani French Blue
Kimono Robe | Teal Rose
Kimono Robe | Mandala Beige
Kimono Robe | Short Turmeric
Kimono Robe | Frangipani Turmeric
Kimono Robe | Frangipani Blush
Kimono Robe | Short Beet
Eyeshade | Stormy Deep
Eyeshade | Faun
Eyeshade | Indigo
Eyeshade | Teal
Eyeshade | Avocado
Eyeshade | Frangipani Turmeric
Eyeshade | Frangipani Beet
Crochet Wrap | Confetti Stripe Warm
Sarong | Frangipani Teal Indigo
Sarong | Spring Flowers Indigo
Sarong | Small Ginkgo Beet
Sun Hat | Butter Coffee Bean
Sun Hat | Coffee Bean Indigo
Mala & Silver Jewelry | Silver Rudraksha Necklace
Mala & Silver Jewelry | Silver Drop Rudraksha Earrings
Mala & Silver Jewelry | Small Rudraksha Bracelet
Mala & Silver Jewelry | Silver Rudraksha Bracelet
98 results
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