Vetiver Placemats & Runners

Balizen’s collection of vetiver placemats and runners is a long-standing customer favorite. These original designs are hand woven by skilled women in a small Javanese village. Vetiver is a naturally aromatic root and is used in sustainable farming and in deforested areas to help keep soil from eroding.  Made with natural materials and sustainably packaged, these products make perfect gifts.  

These placemats and runners can be machine washed and hung or laid flat to dry.


Vetiver Placemats & Runners
16 results
Vetiver Placemat | Indigo Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Indigo Stripes
Vetiver Placemat | Deep Forest (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Deep Forest
Vetiver Placemat | Blue Ocean (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Blue Ocean
Vetiver Placemat | Indigo Natural Stripe (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Indigo and Natural
Vetiver Placemat | Indian Summer Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Indian Summer
Vetiver Placemat | Beige Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Beige Stripe
Vetiver Placemat | Turmeric (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Turmeric
Vetiver Placemat | Brick Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Brick Stripe
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