Table Linens

Napkins, Placemats, Coasters, Runners & Tablecloths in signature prints and hand loomed cottons, vetiver & waterlily.
Table Linens
126 results
Napkins | Balinese Cotton Olive
Napkins | Tumbleweed Avocado
Waterlily Coasters | Tumbleweed Avocado (set of 4)
Waterlily Runner | Coffee Bean Turmeric (medium)
Waterlily Placemat | Coffee Bean Turmeric  (set of 4)
Cotton Placemat | Rings Turmeric (set of 4)
Waterlily Coasters | Tumbleweed Turmeric  (set of 4)
Cotton Coasters | Rings Tumeric (set of 4)
Napkins | Coffee Bean Tumeric
Tissue Box Cover | Coffee Bean Turmeric
Vetiver Placemat | Turmeric Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Turmeric Stripes
Vetiver Runner | Beige Stripes
Vetiver Placemat | Beige Stripes (set of 6)
Table Runner | Cotton Neutrals
Napkins | Coffee Bean Brown
Vetiver Placemat | Brick Stripes (set of 6)
Vetiver Runner | Brick Stripes
126 results
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