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Shop Balizen's newest & noteworthy fair trade products.  View our most recent nature-inspired prints, sustainable clothing, handmade and upcycled bags, ethical, eco-friendly home decor and accessories, artisan jewelry, and more.  All of our products are hand made with love and care in our fair trade Bali workshop.

New & Noteworthy
117 results
Ceramic Bell | White
Ceramic Bell | Black
Corded Mat | Emerald
Corded Mat | Black White & Blue
Corded Carpet | Black, White & Blue (2 Sizes)
Corded Carpet | Emerald (Small)
Hanging Lampshade | Orchid Emerald Beehive
Hanging Lampshade | Rings Black & White Beehive
Hanging Lampshade | Retro Flowers Yellow Beehive
117 results
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