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Fall 2019 / Resort 2020


New & Noteworthy
82 results
Bronze Door Pull | Fish
Bronze Door Pull | Palm Tree
Bronze Door Pull |  Rooster
Bronze Door Pull | Pineapple
Bronze Hook | Pineapple
Bronze Hook | Palm Tree (large)
Bronze Hook | Palm Tree (small)
Bronze Hook | Frog
Bronze Hook | Dragonfly
Bronze | Dragonfly (2 sizes)
Hanging Lampshade | Mandala Teal Indigo Beehive
Hanging Lampshade | Spring Flowers Avocado Beehive
Hanging Lampshade | Mandala Spice Beehive
Hanging Lampshade | Florence Blush Beehive
Duvet Cover | Blush (2 sizes)
Pillow Case set of 2 | Blush
Cushion Cover | Peacock Wave Wine (medium)
Cushion Cover | Rings Mocha Blue (medium-large)
Cushion Cover | Frangipani Mocha Blue (medium)
Cushion Cover | Spring Flowers Turmeric (medium)
Cushion Cover | Spring Flowers Avocado (small)
Cushion Cover Crocheted | Teal (medium 2 styles)
Cushion Cover Crocheted | Upcycled Granny Indigo  (Medium)
Scrappy Upcycled Sham | Beige
Napkins | Coffee Bean Brown
Apron | Rings Mocha Blue
Oven Mitt | Mocha Blue Ring
Tea Towels | Citrus (set of 3)
Sweetheart Pot Holder | Turmeric
Wine Bag | Rings Turmeric
Scrappy Shopping Bags | Assorted
Hand Woven Atta Bag | Envelope
Crocheted Barbara Handbag | Warm
Crocheted Barbara Bag | Indigo Grey
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag | Indigo Grey
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag | Stormy Pistachio
82 results
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