Purses, Totes, Cosmetic & Gift Bags

Our expanded bag collection now features hand woven atta vine purses from the mountains of East Bali, a new bags, inspired by runway fashion shows, designed by Andrea and made in a village women's cooperative in West Bali. 

We continue to update our collection of super useful gift, tote and cosmetic bags, featuring our signature prints and hand woven cottons.  We've heard from a few customers that they add a new little draw string bag to their private collection every time they visit our shop, and the bottle bags are a must when bringing wine to a dinner party.  By the way, we encourage re-gifting of the bags.

Purses, Totes,  Cosmetic & Gift Bags
77 results
Hand Woven Atta Moon Bag, 2 sizes
Hand Woven Atta Envelope Bag
Hand Woven Atta Oval Bag, Small
Hand Woven Atta Oval Bag, Medium
Hand Woven Atta Oval Bag, Xtra Large
Crocheted Barbara Handbag Warm
Indigo Grey Barbara Bag Crocheted
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag Indigo Grey
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag Stormy Pistachio
Cool Clutch Bag Crocheted
Cool Tones Striped Mesh Bag Crocheted
Small Rectangle Bag Crocheted
Large Rectangle Bag Crocheted
Warm Tones Striped Mesh Bag Crocheted
Warm Clutch Bag Crocheted
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag Teal Brown
Crocheted Barbara Shoulder Bag Beet Brown
Assorted Scrappy Shopping Bags
Patchwork Bag - Variety, 2 sizes
Magazine Bag - Variety
Teal & Navy Hand Loomed Magazine Bag
Teal Hand Loomed Cosmetic Case Medium
Cosmetic Case Red Maroon Tumbleweed Large
Cosmetic Case Red Seaflowers Medium
Cosmetic Case Red Prada Small
Cosmetic Case Frangipani Avocado Large
Cosmetic Case Coffee Bean Avocado Medium
Cosmetic Case Avocado Tumbleweed Small
Cosmetic Case Teal Indigo Mandala Large
Cosmetic Case Teal Indigo Classical Medium
Cosmetic Case Teal Indigo Prada Small
Cosmetic Case Indigo Batik Large
Cosmetic Case Indigo Leaf Medium
Cosmetic Case Indigo Spring Flowers Small
Cosmetic Case Frangipani Stormy Large
Cosmetic Case Stormy Rings Medium
77 results
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