Capiz Chimes (USA customers only)

Capiz chimes  as zen as they get.

Some 70 years ago several fisher families moved from Madura to Java’s Eastern coast because of the profusion of sea life. During stormy weather, after all the nets were mended, they began making handicrafts from discarded shells. Capiz shells, or Jingle Oysters grow like weeds in shallow sea beds.  Before the fishermen got creative, they were only collected for the meat and the shells were discarded. Now nothing is wasted. Our sustainable line of capiz shell chimes was designed by Andrea and beautifully handcrafted by these fishermen turned artisans and the wind chimes are assembled in our in house, fair trade workshop in Bali.

Capiz Chimes (USA customers only)
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Capiz Chandelier Chime | Natural
Capiz Wind Chime | Natural (small)
Capiz Shell Strand | Natural (set of 2)
Capiz Shell Strand | Turmeric (set of 2)
Capiz Wind Chime | Turquoise (small)
Capiz Wind Chime | Tide Pool Teal (medium)
Capiz Wind Chime | Blue Turquoise (medium)
Capiz Wind Chime | Sunshine (small)
Capiz Shell Strand | Tide Pool Teal (set of 2)
Capiz Shell Strand | Ice Blue (set of 2)
Capiz Shell Strand | Green & Blue (set of 2)
Capiz Shell Strand | Fiesta (set of 2)
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